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AI-Drafted Lawsuits

The lawsuit drafting software that will save you hours!

AI Law turns case facts into detailed, court-ready complaints in 2 minutes.

The power of AI for the modern lawyer.

It will take you longer to gather the facts than it will take AI Law to write the document.

AI Law drafts complaints — in a snap!

Generate complete court-ready complaints in 3-minutes!

Claim Identifier

Plan Your Claims

Gather your facts and plan your claims with the help of AI Law's Claim Identifier.

Complaint Drafting

Draft a Complaint

Provide AI Law your case information and then push a button. Our form walks you through the details.

Dismissal Risk Analyzer

Review Your Work

Download your completed lawsuit in Word format. Check your work with AI Law's Dismissal Risk Analyzer.

Not just faster, the best AI legaltech tool.

Go from idea to a first draft faster with AI Law’s rich suite of features.

Dozens of lawyers are using AI Law to make
the most of their time.

Discover why our users love AI Law so much!

“Hands down the best AI legal drafting on the market”

Embark on the AI journey !

Transform your litigation drafting today!