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10. Chat with a Legal Chatbot

Get answers to your legal questions quickly and in one place.

Chat with a legally-focused advanced AI chatbot.

  • Follow up with questions, from discovery to voir dire.
  • Keep your chat away from chatbots that learn from your questions.

9. Draft a Lawsuit

Get a lawsuit complaint drafted by AI in about 3 minutes.

• Get a fully drafted lawsuit complaint from AI. • Enter your facts and causes of action; AI figures out the elements. • AI assembles allegations and claims in minutes, including jurisdiction and a demand.

Save Hours of Drafting Time Released Q2 2024

8. Find Claims and Damages

Skip the rabbit holes of claim research to find claims in one place.

Find Claims

Get suggestions for multiple causes of action in your jurisdiction from a fact pattern.

You Keep Control

Each fact pattern can be a sentence to multiple pages.

Expand Damages

Automatically get additional questions to find more claims and maximize damages.

7. Build a Powerful Lawsuit Theme

Distill hours of thinking about a persuasive them into a minute by using AI.

Ai.law drafts a persuasive theme from the facts you provide it.

Use the theme in your pleading and build the case you want around it.

Developed from a top litigator’s formula for powerful theme drafting.  Included within the Complaint and Answer drafting modules.

6. Analyze a Lawsuit for Potential Dismissal

Analyze a complaint in about 60 seconds for all necessary elements.

Identify all claims in a lawsuit complaint.

Ai.law states each element for each claim and then evaluates the lawsuit to determine if every element is factually supported.

It suggests whether a dismissal for failure to state a claim is available.

3. Draft a Contract

Draft your ideal complete, multi-page contract quickly, for any contract type.

Custom Contract

Draft a completed, complex contract based on dynamically interacting with ai.law as it gathers details from you.


Edit the assembled contract with our AI editor, then simply download it into a Word document.


Receive a 30-paragraph contract that is assembled from your directives.

Downloadable Word File

After you're finished assembling and editing your contract, download it as a Word document.

2. Search Documents with AI

AI Interactive Search and Chat for Uploaded Documents

Great Tool for Discovery

Upload Your Documents

  • Summarize a set of documents with AI, or have it find specific information for you.
  • Use our deep search to gather information publicly available AI products skip over.
  • Even upload audio or video recordings to be transcribed.

1. Find Medical Data Inside Dense Records

Find all medical providers, their employers, and addresses from hundreds of pages of uploaded PDF of medical records.


Save Time

Let ai.law act as your digital assistant.

More Detailed

Gather all the medical information you need from records in a minute to two in more detail.



Our deep dive is more accurate than manually searching through every page for information.