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  • LawNext: “Ai.law Introduces New Complaint Drafting Module”

    LawNext: “Ai.law Introduces New Complaint Drafting Module”

    Featured on LawNext: Ai.law Can Now Draft the Complaint for Your Lawsuit In a recent article on LawNext by Bob Ambrogi, Ai.law’s latest innovation takes center stage, offering legal professionals an efficient solution for generating litigation documents. Overview: Ai.Law’s new complaint drafting module simplifies lawsuit initiation for US lawyers and law firms. Input case facts…

  • Bill’s Dog Bite

    Bill’s Dog Bite

    What Happened Bill was riding his bike on the public trail and Jane’s dog came out of nowhere and jumped on him and bit him on the hand before Jane could get the dog away.  The dog was not on a leash and Bill’s medical bills are $5,000. AI.LAW spotted the following potential claims 1.…

  • Debt Collection Answer

    Debt Collection Answer

    The Lawsuit Pasted into AI.LAW: FRANKLIN COUNTY COMMON PLEAS COURTFRANKLIN COUNTY, OHIOCREDIT UNIONPLAINTIFFv.JOHN DOEDEFENDANTCASE NO.:COMPLAINT1. The Defendant applied for a Credit Card account with the Plaintiff.2. By use of the account, the Defendant became bound by the terms in the Credit Card Agreement. Copies of the Statement and Agreement are attached hereto s Exhibits A…

  • No Service of Process

    No Service of Process

    The Question If a debt collector got a judgment against someone but the person was never served, is that valid? AI.LAW gave this overview: In general, under U.S. law, a judgment obtained without proper service of process is not valid. This is because the U.S. Constitution guarantees the right to due process, which includes the…

  • Ms. Smith’s Renovation Case Study

    Ms. Smith’s Renovation Case Study

    What Happened Ms. Smith purchased her home from Defendants who performed substantial renovations on the property before the sale was conducted. Soon after moving into the home, Ms. Smith was blind-sided when a city inspector showed up to her door alleging violations of various housing and safety codes. Further inspection revealed that Defendants failed to…

  • Joe’s Inherited Business & Asset Purchase Agreement

    Joe’s Inherited Business & Asset Purchase Agreement

    What Happened Joe inherited a business from his father and is unsure of any debts the company may have had. Joe is getting collection letters from a finance company claiming his business owes it money.  Before Joe formally took over, he did an asset purchase agreement for the assets of his father’s company.  He wants…