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Designed for Litigators suggests causes of action, analyzes lawsuits, drafts documents, and more!

More efficient client intake

Gather the right information during intake to speed up your review time. Claim identification enables attorneys to concentrate on strategy instead of fact-gathering, ensuring a smoother and more effective intake process for everyone.

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Discovery Responses

Quickly transform discovery requests into strategically drafted responses that save you hours of drafting time.  Impress opposing counsel and gain leverage to improve your client's negotiation position.

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Risk Avoidance

Proactively mitigate your malpractice risks, gain strategic insights, and optimize your legal strategies. With, navigate legal complexities with confidence and efficiency while retaining the final say on all work product.

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Answer Drafting

Complete an answer to a lawsuit with custom responses and defenses, saving time by allowing you to focus on your strategy and presentation.

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Claim Identification

Leverage our claim development feature for faster identification of causes of action available to your client. saves attorneys hours of research through old caselaw by suggesting a broad array of possible claims.

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Legal Answers

Get accurate responses with quick insights and references. Improve your research efficiency, strengthen arguments, and excel in legal proceedings with reliable and rapid access to essential legal information.

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Lawsuits Analyzed

Gain precise insights into the lawsuit your client faces, aiding in the understanding of relevant elements and strategies. Enhance claim analysis, bolster potential defenses, and improve overall litigation success with quick and accurate access to element information.


Elements Explained

Simplify legal understanding and excel in your practice with readily available, comprehensive explanations of key legal elements.

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Watch draft discovery responses.

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Features in Development

Motion practice & briefing

Imagine telling the kind of motion or memorandum you want drafted and having it produce a well written, persuasive brief. We plan for to give you a giant heads start in writing, saving you countless hours of work.

Theme Builder

You tell your client's side of the story, and let go to work to suggest the most pursuasive theme for your case. will highlight your client's innocence, what the other side did wrong, plus notice and repeition of wrongdoing.

Complaint Drafting

This feature will identify claims from your fact patters, assemble the elements, and prompt you to enter facts supporting each. This way you decrease the chances of a dismissal for failing to state a claim.

Discovery Drafting

Based on the elements of the claims, will suggest written discovery requests that go to the elements of the case, including RFAs, PODs, and Interrogatories. We plan to offer a deposition outline too.

Judicial Decision Formatter

Courts will upload opposing briefs, and will seamlessly integrate essential elements and facts, consolidating key arguments and providing clear, cohesive drafts. This innovation allows judges to focus on well-informed conclusions, revolutionizing court documentation efficiency.

Integrate with your favorite CRM!

Visualize your intake coordinator recording notes. swiftly adds potential claims to the file, saving you time. Upon approval, drafts complaints, suggests discovery, and formats documents. Future plans include CRM integration via an API.

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