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  • Debt Collection Answer

    Debt Collection Answer

    The Lawsuit Pasted into AI.LAW: FRANKLIN COUNTY COMMON PLEAS COURTFRANKLIN COUNTY, OHIOCREDIT UNIONPLAINTIFFv.JOHN DOEDEFENDANTCASE NO.:COMPLAINT1. The Defendant applied for a Credit Card account with the Plaintiff.2. By use of the account, the Defendant became bound by the terms in the Credit Card Agreement. Copies of the Statement and Agreement are attached hereto s Exhibits A…

  • No Service of Process

    No Service of Process

    The Question If a debt collector got a judgment against someone but the person was never served, is that valid? AI.LAW gave this overview: In general, under U.S. law, a judgment obtained without proper service of process is not valid. This is because the U.S. Constitution guarantees the right to due process, which includes the…