AI that litigates cases
with you. drafts litigation documents that are accurate,
comprehensive, and safe to use in court. Your data remains
confidential and is never used to train our models.
When you’re reviewing a lawsuit to ensure it is properly pled, provides a tool that can significantly streamline the process. Simply upload the complaint, and our system gets to work. It meticulously goes through the lawsuit, pinpointing every claim and outlining the essential elements.
It then aligns the facts of the lawsuit with these elements, highlighting any that might be missing. This feature is invaluable for plaintiffs as it ensures that every aspect of your lawsuit is thoroughly covered, reducing the likelihood of it being dismissed due to an oversight.
When you’re preparing a solid defense, saves you considerable time and effort in analyzing the lawsuit manually for a potential motion to dismiss. Our artificial intelligence aids in understanding the case better, preparing stronger legal strategies, and ultimately improving your chances of success in the legal proceedings. This tool is a powerful ally for anyone involved in litigation, offering clarity and efficiency every step of the way.

AI Answer Drafter leverages AI and legal expertise to offer a highly efficient feature: the advanced Answer Drafting tool. This tool stands out in the realm of AI and legal technology, providing comprehensive responses to lawsuits in downloadable Word format.
When you’re tasked with responding to a lawsuit,’s integration of AI and legal analysis comes into play. Simply upload the complaint, and our AI and legal system begins its sophisticated process.
It goes beyond merely replying to each paragraph of the complaint; it crafts a complete, nuanced answer. This includes addressing the allegations, adding defenses, and affirmative defenses, all tailored to fit the specific type of claim and enriched by any extra information you provide about your case.

AI Claims Identifier

The process of identifying legal claims in a case can be lengthy and complex, often involving hours of sifting through old case law.’s Claim Identification feature streamlines this task significantly.
By entering the details of your case into, the system efficiently proposes a range of potential legal claims under state and federal law. This bypasses the traditional, time-consuming method of manually researching previous cases for potential additional claims to bring.
With, the focus isn’t just on time efficiency; it’s also about thoroughness in examining possible strategies and claims to boost your case. This approach can be a game-changer in how you prepare and strategize in litigation.

AI Discovery Response Creator’s Discovery Response module is revolutionizing the way litigators handle one of their most challenging tasks: responding to discovery requests. Typically, this process involves hours of careful drafting, especially when it comes to formulating precise objections for each request. Our system simplifies this daunting task.
By uploading the discovery documents to, users can let the technology efficiently manage the drafting process. The module quickly processes the documents, preparing well-crafted responses and objections with remarkable accuracy and speed. It formats your document, adds custom general objections, and assimilates specific objections with the party’s factual responses.
The result of this automated process is a comprehensive Word document, neatly organized and almost ready for submission. This not only saves countless hours but also reduces the potential for error, a critical factor in the success of any legal case.’s module is more than a tool; it’s an essential ally in the litigation process. This module offers a level of convenience and efficiency that significantly enhances the quality of legal work and the overall speed of responding to discovery.

AI Legal Chat offers a chat tool that makes getting answers to legal questions more dynamic and user-friendly.
When you use the Legal Chat function, you can engage in a conversation with our AI system as a continuous dialogue. The system remembers your previous questions and context, allowing for thoughtful and relevant follow-up queries. This means you can build upon your conversation, deepening your understanding of the legal issues at hand.’s Legal Chat function is particularly useful for exploring new aspects of a case or legal situation. It’s like having an intelligent legal assistant available at all times, ready to provide insights and guide you through complex legal scenarios. This tool is ideal for both those seeking quick legal guidance and those who need quick, reliable information.’s Legal Chat ensures a faster, informed, and confident approach to litigation.